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Were back online!!1


Welcome back to I finally set up my website and suprisingly none of my computers or CRTs broke in transport (twas 1000 miles long too). long live the compaq MV540! im just a really expirienced ebayer.

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[ Jun, 09 2024 | comments | finnisnotafish ]

hello again folks.


I will be moving next month so expect the site to be down for a few days. cant wait to perfect the site and finish my blog

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[ Apr, 23 2024 | comments | finnisnotafish ]

hear ye hear ye


there have been recent fishing attacks. fear not, it has been dealt with. cedric took advantage of my lack of time to focus on this website to fishify it. he has been tied up in my basement and only gets a few rations a day. one daily allowance of watching spongebob on a crt tv straight from videocassete too, the perfect torture for his modern apple loving self. a modern imac may be like 20 mm thin, but a crt is about 2 feet thick!! mwahahahahha :D

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[ Mar, 24 2024 | comments | finnisnotafish ]

an update


hey there... i have been busy with my education or whatever so do not be suprised if the website is down for multiple days. i cant tell when that happens until someone says something to me! the server just crashes randomly. it is a simple solution thankfully; rebooting. but no i have not died or abandoned my amazing website. just wait for the summer where i will make much more progress. vidcandy is coming this year!!! i will focus on perfecting this place and the small things for a while. also make sure to change the encoding of a video if you want to upload it and actually view it on an old computer. i suggest programs like ffmpeg! thats it for now folks. im suprised a person or two actually cares about this place

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[ Jan, 31 2024 | comments | finnisnotafish ]

The macarena


I attempted to do the macarena yesterday, only to realize that I forgot how to do the dance. It has been years since I have needed it but I thought that it would be like riding a bike and just come back to me. Now I simply miss my macarena-ing days and hope that I can remember the dance soon (I refuse to look it up). For now I only know how to do the cotton eye joe, which I did nonstop for an hour yesterday. A nice exercise, I must say.

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[ Dec, 08 2023 | comments | Ratfield ]

fishing attacks


regarding the recent fishing attacks, there has been an increasing number of these attacks going on. fear not, they will be dealt with by unfishy staff. cedric will be punsihed accordingly (tortured with my gramatically incorrect german)and all peace will be restored to unfishy society. thats it for unfishy television city!
p.s. no, editing forum submissions does not work at this time

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[ Oct, 23 2023 | comments | finnisnotafish ]

Concerning the forum


the forum is FINALLY working! so please talk, im bored. its great to know that my website has basic functionality in one aspect now

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[ Sep, 06 2023 | comments | finnisnotafish ]

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