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welcome to the protojuke

song brought to you by Koi.

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Browser compatibility

this website is supposed to be viewed with very old browsers. it is XHTML 1.0 transitional. most likely will work with most older browsers including opera, firefox/mozilla, internet explorder and of course even the newest browsers. some features like flash animations are more catered to older browsers. a complete in depth list will be created eventualy. it is not and will not be optimized for modern devices or mobile devices. modern phones like to ignore the handheld stylesheet i CAREFULLY CRAFTED FOR HAND HELDS >:( so unless you have a nice old phone dont expect it to look good on mobile.

firefox opera even chrome

as some of you may know internet explorer was the one that decided to not be compatible with xhtml and just read it as a site with poorly made code. so why is my website for old computers using xhtml? well 1. i already designed the site before realizing the incompatablities and 2. i like standards. refer to to get a browser compatible with xhtml if you want!

older versions of netscape wont be able to pick up the stylesheet so it wont look that great


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