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update log

- made the base of the forum. trying to figure out how forums work 5/23/23
- made the user count work because im an epic gamer 5/17/23
- GUEST BOOK HAS BEEN CREATED!!! also at this point im gonna make a server blocked counter cuz she just blocked it again. lately there has recently been a series of fishing attacks making this unfishy website extremely fishy. fear not, here at unfishy headquarters we will get to the bottom of this mysterious fishing spree. 5/16/23
- finally updated this page. as for whats to come, expect chatting and being able to add your own profile photo as well as commenting on blogs. i will have much more time to focus on this in the up coming summer 5/15/23
- yeah i dont think that search bar will work. just go to the portal to search 5/7/23
- trying to make a search bar work. i also fixed some other minor things 5/3/23
- made many fixes to the general structure of the website over the past few days. my days of copy pasting the whole websites html are over #swag 4/27/23
- you can make an account now! ignore the error message it works nonetheless. it took so long because my php book told me to take a break and revisit it later and the errors will just magically show themselves to you once they get comfortable so thats what i did. i also added a bunch of beautiful placeholder ads 4/23/23
- the website was down so all day i tried to figure out what could possibly be breaking it this time just to find out my moms internet blocking app blocked the server from servering! she wasnt even blocking it, it was just the buggy ass app. just wonderful. then it blocked my laptop, then my windows me pc soon after. it was on a blocking spree! so i made her give me her phone so i could disable management alltogether of my shit (she still thinks i am 8 years old) 3/19/23
- cedric hacked it while it was down and for 2 days it was replaced with a website saying that i was a fish!! i am not. he has also hacked the mainframe and keeps putting pop ups that say i am a fish. dont listen to him!! thankfully none of the pop ups show on an older computer because they seem to be https encoded or whatever, idk. 3/16/23
- server down for multiple days because i upgraded from 18.4 to 22.04 and that CHANGED THE INTERNAL IP AAAAAA 3/12/23
- server was down because my mom turned it off because it was "making the internet bad" literally no one goes to this website 3/7/23
- i have spontaneously decided to make the portal area but in that decision i made it designed kinda different than the rest of the website and now i hav to edit the rest accordingly. so fun! 3/5/23
- the php will not php today 2/28/23

server blocked:

server blocked from the internet

11 times

- last time blocked: 5/30/2023 11:20am

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Defend The Internet Archive!

The site is finally up and running

ok well maybe it isnt running but its definetly up. welcome to which is not just a place with things, but a place with cool things. get ready to have lots of fun in this community full of old tech enthusiasts and game makers. check out the portal to see all the latest submissions and check out the various other links.