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welcome to which is not just a place with things, but a place with cool things. get ready to have lots of fun in this community full of old tech enthusiasts and game makers. check out the portal to see all the latest submissions and check out the various other links.
i want to create a mighty fine community of like minded people who enjoy making funny videos and games. it is no where near being ready yet but keep an eye out for updates here. have fun looking around at the broken website!! and dont forget to bookmark it ^__^

the general purpose of this website is to foster creativity and make a flash revival. id prefer if you uploaded your own flash games you made yourself but im certain people will not do that so.. just try to not repost things. this is not a collection of archives.

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notable websites that work on old computr!

the old net
retro tech lounge
Nathan's Toasty Technology page

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someone already took the [email protected], the instagram username, wattpad username(quite odd) and the tiktok username somehow. but they arent the real slim shady. im the one true slim shady. all you other slim shadys are just imitating. im proud to be out of my mind and out of control.
and everywhere there is a slim shady lurkin. he could be working in burkerking spitting on your onion rings! such fishy activity
uhh i have a dog
valium is my favourite color


in 2022 i got into learning html for fun. my bestest friend was a smart ass and he made websites so naturally i wanted to be just as cool as him. on a january morning in 2023, i decided to really make a website. here is a brief (not brief) explanation of what movitated me to do this. some of my favourite youtubers used to have websites and i was really inspired by that. i wanted to create something like websites in the past because recently social media giants have taken over everything. before websites were more decentralized and there were a bunch of small communities, forums and webrings instead of boring generic websites with a bunch of ads at the bottom promising to age you backwards 10 years with a cream made from monkey piss. lastly i just finally aquired my windows millenium edition computer from my moms friend and i couldnt find anything to do except look at archives. "i wanna play FLASH GAMES on this! i wanna MAKE flash games! i wanna interact with people! this is so BORING!" i thought. so i made it a possible reality with the help of the inspiration i got from seeing youtubers go from a silly little website to being extremely successfull. not that i want to be extremely successful. i probably couldnt handle being recognized in public. i just want people to see the real most authentic presentation of my self, to make something people (who have similar interests) enjoy and in a way i want to prove i am capable of doing so. what better way to do that than with a website? so with the help of macromedia studio mx, my knowledge of html, my php and mysql book and many online tutorials, i have been crafting this place for over 5 months now.

this will be a place for me and my amazing creations. like to dump my stupid youtube videos and flash games (once i learn actionscript..)! i want to be creative and make skits! i want to make people laugh! why does everything need to be high production value and be complex to be funny? i laugh at the low quality, stupidity and simplicity of early youtube vidoes. so if youre an old tech collector, miss the early 2000s interenet expirience or are looking for some fun then you are welcome to become a part of this fantastical place

key inspirations for the general concept of this website and or its design: deviantart, newgrounds, kongregate, madradhair, vampire freaks, makeoutclub, myspace and more i cant think of