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welcome to my personal blog. witness the undoubtable beauty of my words written across your (preferably crt) monitors screen.


Music: post hardcore, skramz, metalcore, and of course cds cassettes & vinyl records or any obscure music format
Cheese: i really love cheese. its delicious. a slice a day keeps unhappiness at bay
Computers: website design, programming, old computer stuff, retro consoles, analog techologies, fixing old stuff
Shows: uhh idk the x files is pretty cool. i collect dvds and vhs cus i ♥ physical media


i have a certificate of amazing computering. that means im special and made my own website by slaving over the keyboard for beauty you lay your eyes on now. i am formally educated in the world of internet meme. some might even call me an internet meme scholar. I am a certified cheese genious. i love cheese and i know about all the cheeses


Email: AIM: finnisnotafish

MSN: purpleumbrella
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