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need to view the animations and games? download below! to view most games and animations youll need flash 5. i use flash mx to create all the animations youll see and i publish them in flash 5. however flash 8 is compatible all the way to windows 98 so theres no need to use a very early version unless you just really want to. vidcandy will need flash 6 and up

install flash 9

install flash 8

install flash 7

install flash 6

get flash 5

get flash 4

and for you modern firefox and chrome users...

ruffle chrom firefox

Install iTunes

it just happened to be on my old computer supplied by some ICQ or AOL installation tool so why not share!! also just upgraded to windows 2000 and windows media player decided to self destruct so this was well needed. it comes with quicktime so no need to download that in addition

download iTunes 4 here

Install Quicktime

need to watch videos on this website??! download quicktime.

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download here
alternate download if that doesnt work. too lazy to figure out which one does

For funzies

unfishy wallpapers™ coming soon

a collection of backgrounds from the internet

have fun with these amazing backgrounds stolen from random archives of sites. hover for details

fancy pants christmas (1920 x 1200)

i mean what can i say? i really like underoath

underoath TOCS promo background (1280 x 960) underoath promo background (1600 x 1200) underoath promo background (800 x 600) underoath promo background (1600 x 1200)

a collection of buddy icons for aim cuz i can coming soon

have fun with these amazing aim icons!